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about me

my name is ashley jean puckett. i am twenty years old.
growing up in St. Augustine, Fl. i was raised protestant, mostly Baptist. in highschool i moved to Lake Charles, La. i met my friend Tyson who was Catholic and i tried to convince him to leave the Catholic Church. but in the process i fell in love with the Church and the fullness of our faith it contains. i was confirmed into the Roman Catholic Church in November of 1994 This sleeping giant, i believe is ready for awakening. The Church is waking up all over the place. More and more people are becoming alive in their faith and it isn't only impacting the individuals but all who know them. I am excited about this and have a passion to reveal all the truth Christ set up in the Church. i'll go into this more somewhere else.
i have had a rocky faith due to lack of commitment and fear. but i believe what Jesus said when talking of the repentant women "Therefore I tell you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much; but he who is forgiven little loves little."(Luke7:47) after highschool i moved to Alexandria,La. i had many good friends here who loved God and encouraged me in my walk towards Him. like i said i definitely needed this support. there were a few ministries there i participated in or worked closely with.. Servant Singers, Lifeteen (Catholic youth program), Stubenville South(Catholic youth retreat), and many prayer meetings and activities. i decided i wanted to go deeper in my Faith and i was sick of being an unstable christian (James 1:5-8) so in august of 1996 i decided to attend the John Paul II Catholic Bible School in Radway, Alberta, Canada. Some of my friends (Bucky, Jolenne, and Tony) had attended in previous years. There i was able to concentrate fully on God working in my life. I also learned some basics of theology, the core doctrines of the Church, to have good discipline skills, and probably my favorite part of Bible School, i began learning how to live with other christians, to truely love them and to communicate honestly. That year of my life was an awesome experience for me, and i am so thankful to God who called me there, and to my family who supported me when i was there.
it is hard being away from family for such long periods of time, so i was glad to get home, at least for a little while. i was asked to come back to Canada the next year to be part of the Behold the Lamb traveling evangelization team. So on august the 15, 1997 i returned to Canada. the four months i spent on the team was an amazing blessing we did all kinds of ministry, youth retreats to elderly, week long parish missions to thirty minute introductions. i really enjoyed getting close bonds with the team members (now my close brothers and sisters) i left the team earlier than expected. i had originally planned to stay untill the summer of 98, but it seems there were other plans. it was hard leaving early, leaving all the people i had grown so close to, and the fear that i was totally gonna miss out on something. i am sure they are doing wonderful things. i remember them often.
back in St. Augustine after a few weeks of just getting into the swing of things outside of community. i moved in with my parents to concentrate on school and work, and volenteering. i work alot with the Catholic College Fellowship group in town. when i came home i realized the need for fellowship and accountability, and this is where God lead me. i have a wonderful spiritual director who is strong in her faith and so selfgiving! i am blessed! she rocks my socks... in other words ..realy challenges me to grow. i am daily learning to trust in the Lord. to listen. and i daily fail, but our God is merciful!

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