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Ashley Jean's Attempt at a Web Page

May Jesus shine through this page..
i want to share truth about the Catholic Church. also, to share a little about me, where God has brought me from and guiding me to. Peace and Love of Christ! May He truely reign in our lives!

about me

questions about the Catholic Church

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my music, art and other stuff

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some recent pictures of me and friends

my NEW music page!!

bucky's very catholic page

andy peterson(a cool christian musician)

Leese's message board, most of the people there are from the old Caedmon's Call Board, it's pretty cool

GOOD STUFF! this is a page that has a lot of refrences to scriptures dealing with Catholic Apologetics

Melanie's messageboard "mead all"
Latest Quotes:
"God has created us to love and to be loved, and this is the begining of prayer- to know that He loves me, that i have been created for greater things"Mother Teresa

"It seems to me that if a little flower could speak, it would tell simply what God has done for it without trying to hide its blessings. It would not say, under the pretext of false humilty , it is not beautiful or without perfume, that the sun has taken away its splendor and the storm has broken its stem when it knows that all this is untrue. The flower about to tell her story rejoices at having to publish the totally gratuitous gifts of Jesus. She knows that nothing in her self was capable of attracting the divine glances, and His mercy alone brought about everything that is good in her." St. Therese of Lisieux

Permanent Quote
"To be able to see the face of God you need a heart that is completely pure, clean and free. As long as we in our own hearts are not able to hear that voice, the voice of God when He speaks in the silence of our hearts, we will not be able to pray, we will not be able to express our love in action."Mother Teresa

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